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Clean up after the battle

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 

We all have multiple battles we deal with each day. The most common battles are maintaining a job for financial security, relationships with spouses or partners, improving a healthy lifestyle or combating life threatening illnesses — just to name a few.

There are many of you who are, or you have someone you know who is, battling cancer. The good news is you’ve caught it early and won the battle. But, it’s the cleanup that’s preventing you from being excited about life again.

What do I mean by “cleanup?” Yes, you’ve kicked cancer’s butt, and now, there’s many follow-up doctor’s visits, plus the healing process. You must accept this will take time and is part of winning the battle. Don’t let the cleanup keep you down. Make it a victory lap where you get to thank all the medical staff, friends and family involved.

To me, it’s like when a country defeats the enemy in battle. They’ve blown up many buildings to flush out and kill the bad guys. Yes, you’ve won the mission, but the streets and cities must be cleaned up and put back together to help the innocent citizens. It’s hard to truly celebrate until the process has been completed.

I hope this makes sense because it’s just like your body. It needs to repair and clean up after all the treatments.

Think about it, the cleanup process is in every battle, including divorce, occupational changes and even resolved spousal disputes.

None of us can escape life’s battles. It really comes down to a positive mindset. Recognize your life will continue and every day is day to rejoice.

If you’re reading this column, then you’re alive, breathing, heart is beating and you have the emotions of love.

Regain your love of life because we are all unique and beautiful. Look around and see all the amazing people who love and embrace you.

Now relax, it’s going to be OK because today is the best day of your life.