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For the love of the game

David Tepera – March 1, 2017

For those of you who’d played sports when you were young, do you remember how much you loved the game?

Even though I played multiple sports in my youth, I had a passion for basketball. I think I gravitated more toward basketball because it’s a sport you can play and practice by yourself.

Typically, most other sports like football and baseball require a partner. So, it was easy to pick up a basketball and start playing. My dad set up a wooden backboard nailed to the roof, just like most houses during my era. I would be out in the driveway for hours.

Once I was older, martial arts became my passion.

OK, let’s look back and remember the process most of us shared for the love of the game. The steps are: you became interested — infatuated — loved it — routine — burn out — lose interest — walk away.

Now, how many of you just thought about your relationship or marriage? According to statistics, this happens to almost 60 percent of married couples.

Why can’t we recognize this process and change it back to the infatuated love once shared?

Look at your partner and remember what attracted you to them. There was something unique and special that caught your eye and made the heart skip a beat.

Take a realistic look at yourself. Maybe it’s time for you get back in the game. Remember how you would go out of your way to show this person how much you were falling in love?

Get out of your old routine, show some romance and be frisky and daring again. Make a surprise date night and do something you both used to love. Maybe it’s time to dress up and go dancing. There’s nothing better than shining your belt buckle on the dance floor.

It’s no secret, dancing gets the juices flowing and sets up the late night rendezvous. Wink, wink. You know what excites your partner, so do it.

Now, it’s time to get back to the love for the game. It’s in you, so get moving and put your plan together, you sexy rascal. And by the way, you’re welcome.