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Getting back to normality is a must

By David Tepera, September 6, 2017

There’s no secret: in some way, Hurricane Harvey affected everyone in Galveston County. Of course, the storm created havoc across the state and beyond, but today’s focus is on you and family.

All of our lives have been disrupted and getting back to normal will take time, more for some than others.

I was having an interesting discussion with Natasha Reyes who owns Fit Life Fitness in League City. Natasha was kind enough to give me a key to her gym in order to continue training for an upcoming competition.

Natasha’s gym sustained minimal rain damage and was ready for business. Natasha was feeling a bit torn to announce Fit Life was open to all her clients and members. She knew people were busy picking up the pieces to put their lives back together, and the gym would be last on the list of things to do.

So, our discussion became about helping people get back to a normal life. Believe me, there are countless people who utilize a gym as part their daily routine. When you haven’t worked out in a few days, you become unbalanced physically and mentally. It’s difficult to explain unless you’re one of them.

Natasha quickly realized people needed the therapy of her gym and opened immediately. You see, her clients and members are like family. She even had a company serve breakfast to the community at Fit Life.

OK, so what point am I trying to make in today’s column? A storm can disrupt our lives, but getting back to normality as quickly as possible is a must. You must start with all the little things like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and reading The Daily News. At least your day started normal, then go from there, according to your lifestyle.

A storm can break us, but as we are witnessing, we will all come back stronger. Just like a broken bone, the body will form a callous around the fracture in order for it to be stronger than before. That, my friend, is each and every one of you.

It’s a glorious revolution to witness people coming together as one. The human spirit has a natural compassionate ability to come to aid in emergency situations. We recognize politics, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and race are not on the table when saving lives. We are not just Texans or Americans, we are of one human race.

Now, as all of our new journeys begin, punch destruction in the face, and strive each day to find normality. You got this!

Use fitness to reach new levels in life

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Recently, I was grocery shopping and ran into my friend Natasha Reyes, the owner and personal trainer of Fitt Life Fitness in League City.

We spoke and shared inspirational stories for about 30 minutes. But, what became apparent to me was how fitness and training builds confidence in people to take their lives to another level.

Natasha has helped countless people accomplish their goals through diet and fitness. And now, she is taking all the steps and learning to bring her experiences to whole new levels as a life coach. 

Because of my busy schedule, I only personally train one or two people at a time. Through the years, almost every one of these people built confidence to pursue higher levels in other areas in their lives. 

For example, one gentleman fixed air conditioners during the day, started taking college classes at night and now owns his own business. Another lady with low self-esteem lost over 30 pounds and built the confidence to pursue executive positions within her company. 

I could write about countless stories that would take up my column through the rest of the year, but I want to help focus on your current situation. 

Now, I’m not saying you need to be extreme or try to reach an elite physical level, but I am telling you to start a regular consistent exercise program. Pushing your body past its comfort zone will produce a natural high of endorphins in the brain.

Once you’ve progressed to one level of fitness, your body will crave more frequency and intensity to reach another level. The endorphins will overflow through your nervous system, which creates a desire to improve other areas in your life.

You’ll have the passion to move up in your company and find ways of increasing income. You’ll become more energetic, which leads to better quality of time with the spouse and kids. 

So, as Natasha has discovered and so will you, there are no boundaries and limits to keep reaching higher levels in life.