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Be a Scrambling Quarterback

By David Tepera, August 9, 2017

In the game of football, the quarterback’s decision-making and execution are the most crucial factors. Remember, quarterbacks are the first to have the ball in their hands once it’s snapped.

The sole purpose of the quarterback is to execute a designed play with precision. But sometimes, the defense disrupts the play and the quarterback has to take off running with hopes of turning a disaster into a gain. This usually means they’ll throw to an open receiver or tuck the ball and run for their lives.

Quarterbacks who are good at this are known as “scrambling QBs.” They are good at decision-making on the fly.

During my youth, Fran Tarkenton of the Minnesota Vikings was known as the “Mad Scrambler.” Randall Cunningham of the Philadelphia Eagles dominated the 1990s and forever changed defensive strategies.

Today’s most known scrambling QB is Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers. He holds the most career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback.

If you think about it, there are multiple events in our lives where we had to become a scrambling QB.

We typically try to live our lives on a set schedule and routine. This lifestyle reduces unnecessary stress. But, sometimes, life brings disruption and forces us to make quick decisions or we are going to get sacked.

What’s your immediate reaction when a family emergency occurs, unemployment or a life threatening situation?

Of course, we would all like to not think about these situations because it’s depressing, but we must, at least, be mentally prepared.

Do you just fall down and let the opponent sack you? Do you look to pass the ball to someone else? Or, do you tuck the ball away and bust through the defense because you’re going to control your own destiny?

No one likes to face adversity, but you can’t escape it. We’ve all been through life’s challenges which should develop a stronger determined character.

Now look, if this is you, let the steam blow through your nostrils like a rodeo bull. Accept what lays ahead and bust through the defense because the goal line is waiting on you to score.

You got this because you are the world’s best scrambling QB on this field of life.

Are you ready?

By DAVID TEPERA – February 15, 2017

How about in sports? How many times have we seen a starting player get hurt or pulled from a game and the second-string player needs to step in?

If you are a Houston Texans football fan, over the past few years, we’ve seen this happen many times with quarterbacks. From 2002 to the 2016 season, Houston Texans used 14 different quarterbacks. This is more than any other team in the league. Plus, I think most people are hoping for a new quarterback this coming year.

What happens if a job promotion becomes available with your company? Have you been doing your homework, acting and treating other co-workers as a professional? Are you the person they want to hand over the new responsibility? If you’re ready, then how much more income could this produce?

This might be meaningless to most people, but I teach my kids to keep our house “company ready.” There is nothing more embarrassing than to have an unexpected guest, and your house is a complete mess. My house is always ready for the unexpected, except my daughter’s bedroom. I’m not sure, but I think that’s a female thing. You ladies have a lot of stuff.

A scary, but understandable, statistic is that most Americans don’t have at least $1,000 in savings. All experts agree that we should have enough savings to cover six months worth of bills.

Do you have an emergency funds account? I know we are all scared to lose a job, have unexpected vehicle expenses or a serious medical issue.

Today is the time to re-evaluate your life. What steps do you need to make in order to be ready?

Let others point the finger for their downfalls. You’re better than that. Take ownership for your faults, learn from mistakes, and keep grinding forward.

Practice your craft like you’re the starting player. Develop the character needed at work to prove you’re worthy of promotions. Be the role model for your kids in order for them to learn leadership skills.

You have complete control of your life, so be ready. It’s coming.