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Business planning in the gym

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Tuesday, November 8, 2016 

Most business meetings take place in conference rooms, golf courses and nice restaurants. Recently, I sat down with two gentlemen who plan business while training in the gym.

Billy Manovich works in the oil and gas industry, and Mike Smith owns a dental practice in Pearland. Both have been gym training for more than 30 years.

Billy came up with an idea for an invention and pitched it to his workout partner Mike. Through several months of planning, financing and marketing, they launched a product called The Simple Scrub.

What’s interesting to me, through my conversation with them, is they both share a desire to constantly improve their lives through health and fitness. This desire for improvement catapulted to an invention to help others.

One day, Billy’s grandmother was kneeling down while cleaning her bathtub, but struggled to stand back up because of health issues. So, he designed a prototype bath scrubbing device where his grandmother could clean these hard to reach areas while standing. Besides staying out of a slippery tub, it also kept her from inhaling unnecessary toxic fumes.

Each time someone would use this device, they would inform Billy and Mike of how much easier, quicker and safer cleaning became.

Billy knew he had something to help others and improve lives, so the launch of The Simple Scrub began. Their sales started from 250 orders in June to 1,500 in November of this year.

Me, being a single father and cleaning multiple tubs, I had to try it myself. OK, I was overly impressed because it only took a few minutes per tub and was sparkling clean. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing about it.

Besides households, I recommend for hotels, hospitals, boaters and any other cleaning services. If interested, check out their website www.thesimplescrub.com.

Listen, we all have great ideas and inventions that swirl in our minds, but putting it into action becomes the biggest step.

You never know, the person working out next to you at the gym might be your connection. So, share your ideas to improve people’s lives like two dedicated training partners named Billy Manovich and Mike Smith.