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New procedure gets results on trouble spots

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It is almost rare for me to write an article on the results from a new product on the market. Most of the time, I only give an impression from a first experience. I felt compelled to let you in on this treatment.

Just know, what I’m about to write, I have no financial stake nor will receive any financial benefits.

I just completed a series of six sessions from an ultrasound liposuction called Vanquish. I’m the typical 50-something-year-old man with the trouble spot of lower back fat. I will usually go on a very strict, lengthy, disciplined diet in order to trim that part of my body, but the fat returns within a short period.

To my amazement, Vanquish worked extremely well — with continuing improvements. My back fat is almost completely gone, plus still disappearing to never return.

Don’t we all have troubled areas like upper arms, thighs, buttocks and midsections? Some of us are habitual in our workouts, but just can’t get rid of those particular stubborn areas.

Maybe you have a wedding coming soon, a tropical vacation, want to make a former spouse jealous, or just the need to feel more confident and sexy.

Here’s how it works: Vanquish uses ultrasound waves that destroys fat cells. The machine is draped over the problem areas while you’re lying down. It’s a nice warm sensation that’s totally pain-free.

Each time I attended one of my sessions, I would randomly talk to other clients about their results. One lady lost 4 inches off her thighs, and an average man lost two belt sizes.

There were people of all shapes and sizes getting the results they wanted. Even female competitors were there to dial in the tightest waist possible.

The one important key note I took from all the clients, including myself, it’s by the fourth session where the results start kicking in. That’s because it typically takes 21 days for your body to metabolize the dead fat cells.

The particular facility I used with amazing results is Skinny Sculpt in Friendswood. There are people driving as far as the Woodlands and beyond.

Skinny Sculpt has many other treatments for cellulite, turkey-neck, collagen building, skin tightening and even female intimate area rejuvenation.

If interested, check out www.skinnysculptme.com or call 281-532-6375. Dustin Moore is the owner, but any of the well-trained staff will be of assistance.