No-noes of the gym bozos

By David Tepera, September 5, 2018

Throughout the years, I received plenty of emails about people getting frustrated with certain gym bozos. So, I’ve decided to give some advice about gym etiquette.

Guys, rerack your weights. No one cares about how much weight you can lift, so put them back on the rack. One day, when you grow up, you’ll learn it’s not how much you lift, but how you lift. Remember, women and older people use the weight room, too. Otherwise, you’re a bozo.

Next, if a woman wants your advice about how to lift weights, she’ll ask you. It’s a corny move when you try to act like you’re a former personal trainer. There’s a reason why she’s wearing earphones — to keep you away. Besides, that woman could probably teach you a thing or two about lifting.

If you have a sweat problem, carry a towel and wipe up after yourself. The gym is typically disgusting, so we don’t want to bathe in your bacteria. Don’t be a bozo.

For those of you who like to drop and bang your weights, there’s hardcore gyms available for you. We would like to use the same weight machine before you break it. You’re costing gym owners for repairs.

If you feel the need to scream while lifting, go back to the hardcore gyms and lift with the other screamers. You’re not impressing anyone — but yourself. Everyone else thinks you’re a bozo.

For modern day lifters, get off your phone. People are waiting to use your weight machine. You can text later, if not, go stand off to the side.

Also, it’s very nervy to be on a cardio machine while someone next to you is yelling into their phone. We don’t care about your drama with the significant other. See a therapist.

Look, people use the gym for multiple purposes. Most people want to get in, hit it hard, and get out. When you see someone you know, and feel the need to say something, make it quick because a lengthy conversation cools people down and takes them out of the zone.

As professional athletes, Tina and I are well-known in the local gyms where we do our training. We’ve come to realize people want our advice about different aspects of training and diet. We will take a moment, give one piece of advice, then hand you our card for further correspondence.

Bottom line, be respectful to all other people in the gym. The gym is there for everyone’s needs, so don’t be a bozo.

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