Get to the ball

by David Tepera, April 16, 2017

I once heard from a football defensive coach, “Get to the ball fast as possible and be mad when you get there.”

Now, his words actually had a few more adjectives, if you know what I mean.

Hopefully, you understood the coach’s message about how to develop successful reactions.

The whole concept is that sometimes you’re in critical situations and must confront it immediately to defend yourself or take control.

Of course, this determined attitude is useful in almost every sport. But, let’s think about other areas of our lives where we need to develop a stronger mentality.

You must learn to pull that warrior deep in your soul. It’s in there and has probably been suppressed over the many years.

Maybe you’re way out of shape and obese, and you recognized every diet has led to failure and depression. You must now take on a “mad attitude” with determination to no longer live in this rut.

That’s it. I’m throwing away all this junk food, eating healthier, drinking more water and will start my exercise journey. I’m lacing up my sneakers and walking out this door — now.

Eventually, we will all face a family crisis and immediate response and decision making is critical. Someone will need to take control and lead the family in the proper direction.

There’s many of you who’ve been taken advantage of way too long. Yes, you’re a kind and generous person who loves helping others, but there’s lazy, undisciplined people who constantly drain you. It’s time to step up, have a serious conversation to let them know — no more.

Webster’s definition of a warrior is someone engaged in struggle or conflict. Other definitions state that men and women are fearless, strong and ready to battle.

What’s your definition today? Yesterday’s definition no longer exists. The only moment in time is now. How much better is the near future because you’ve decided to take back life?

As a wise coach once said, “Get to the ball and be mad when you get there.”

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