Who makes you better?

By David Tepera, June 17, 2017

Almost two months ago, a friend of mine, named Tina, was contemplating whether to compete in her first women’s figure contest. After a brief discussion, we agreed for me to help her with training and diet to see how her body would respond.

To my surprise, Tina’s work ethic was top-notch. She gave 100 percent effort and detail to each weight lifting session, along with dieting. So, it was no surprise, Tina was on track to be in competition condition within deadline.

Because of Tina’s dedication, I decided to join her and become training partners during weight lifting sessions because I, too, am competing in the same show.

I’ve trained hundreds of people, but this was the first time someone helped me reach another level. Tina and I both agree, we both make each other better when it comes to elite training.

Now, of course, this made me think about all areas of life for each of us. Who in your life makes you better? It could be a coach, supervisor, pastor, friend or spouse.

My dad, who was a high school football coach for 30-plus years, said it best. He told me that his coaching style was to help players to become successful in life. I’ve had the pleasure of many of his former players telling me that exact message.

I truly believe for partners and spouses to reach ultimate success, you must support and push each other through adversity with passion.

Never settle for the status quo. Remember, this world is constantly changing, so failures and successes are up to you.

Think about your involvement in others’ lives. Do you make their lives better or not? Are you considered needy or supportive?

I’m sure most of us know people who only want partners to pamper them, but bring nothing to the table themselves. Keep in mind, relationships are partnerships, not one-sided.

Besides constantly loving and inspiring my children, I have the humbling platform of being a columnist and motivational speaker to help countless people.

So now, it’s time to step up our game in life. Be the person you want others to be, and let’s make each other’s lives better.

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