Baseball’s full-count is similar to life

By David Tepera, August 23, 2017

In the game of baseball, one of the most nail-biting moments for a batter is a full count. It’s when the batter has three balls and two strikes, which means the very next pitch determines the batter’s fate.

If you’ve played baseball, softball or watched the games, you’ve experienced this particular excitement.

The most frustrating turnout is when the batter decides not to swing the bat, hoping for a walk, but is called a strike. This means you’re out, plus you didn’t give any effort. Not only is it embarrassing, but creates disappointment in yourself.

Aren’t there plenty of situations in life where we became disappointed in ourselves for not taking action? We decided to play passive hoping the situation would just fade or go away.

Almost of all of us have been bullied in some kind of way, and chose not to stand up for ourselves.

I’ve actually had many conversations with women around the subject to enroll in self-defense classes or some other program of protection.

Statistically, these hurtful situations will only happen once in a lifetime, if at all. But, why wait?

Learn to protect yourself now. Even if it didn’t turn out well, at least you had another option. And maybe, it saved your life.

I’m only trying to make you think. We all have different opinions and beliefs. I have a 16-year-old daughter and I started her out in after-school martial arts classes when she was in first grade.

Daylyn, her brother Dylan and I would attend controlled fighting classes each week. Believe me, my little girl learned to kick some butt, along with gaining self-confidence.

For the past many years, the kids and I will role play situations. What happens at home when an intruder breaks in and I’m not there? How do you react in a parking lot when approached by someone? What about a restaurant, movie theater and so on? My kids are as prepared as possible.

It’s the part of life that we hate to think about, but it’s necessary when you have a full-count and you need to swing for the fences.

Listen, I love everyone and have a passion for every living thing. I walk through my days showering all people with happiness and love. Why don’t we all take on that mentality and leave the full count in baseball? Agree?

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