No boulder too big

By David Tepera, February 6, 2018

How many of you are still struggling with diets? You’ve made a New Year’s resolution; now, it’s February, and you want to throw in the towel. Don’t fret because you are in the 90th percentile of all people.

Let’s be real. Proper dieting is probably one of the hardest parts of life to stick with. That’s why there are so many new trends constantly hitting the market. I’m sure most of you have failed one diet after the other, so you keep trying the new fad.

Just know, when a diet program claims to lose lots of weight within a week or two, it’s mostly water weight. That’s why you’re stuck-in-a-rut by the third week.

Listen, no matter which diet plan you’re trying, it will take at least a month to honestly see and feel the results.

I try to explain to people, dieting is just like everything else we try to accomplish in life. It’s similar to pushing a huge boulder up a hill. At first, it’s difficult to get traction. Then you start gaining a little momentum, but it takes discipline to keep grinding it out.

After you’ve put in a good amount of time (plus it’s part of your daily routine), the boulder will seem smaller and start increasing speed. And, eventually, you’ll get to the top of the hill or desired weight, along with easy coasting and better results.

Besides dieting, uphill boulder pushing has been part of the process in everything you’ve ever achieved. If it’s not difficult and doesn’t require discipline, then you really didn’t achieve anything substantial.

Don’t let challenges and setbacks stop you. It’s just life telling you to dig in a little deeper because you’re getting closer to winning. It’s the same as a final round in an all-out brawl of a championship fight. You will have to dig in deep with pride and start swinging like your life depended on it.

Let today be the day to regroup, takes some deep breaths and mentally prepare yourself to take control of the boulder.

When you have the desire, dedication and discipline, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Get out there and take on this world. Be the beast in your family and show everyone you can move boulders like throwing bowling balls.

Remember, there is no boulder too big because you were made to rule the mountain.

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