Fake it with attitude

By David Tepera, March 21, 2018

Recently, I attended a bodybuilding and physique competition to watch my 19-year-old son Dylan and many other friends compete. At this elite level, most muscular bodies are very similar, so the judges are forced to score competitors based on posing routines.

The importance of stage presence and performance is critical because the competitor must be flawless and project confidence. Part of their showmanship is owning the stage, along with a sense of cockiness.

For Dylan, me and all my family members who compete, the cockiness takes us out of our comfort zone.

You see, naturally, my family and I are very conservative, reserved and kind to everyone. But, we also recognize to succeed, we must take over the stage with a sole purpose of winning. So, for that brief moment, we are trying to knock you out by faking it with attitude.

Now, let’s think about your current life. For those still participating in sports, no one likes to expose their weaknesses. You can’t let your opponent see you cower or be reserved. You must take on the stance of seeming cocky and let your actions overpower a mindset.

Now, my definition of cocky is through attitude and determination. It’s not by using discriminating words to demean anyone. I hope this message is clear.

How many of you are competing for job promotions? Are you the leader that gets the job done and lifts everyone’s spirit? Or, do you fly below the radar hoping no one takes notice?

If you want to get ahead in life, then it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and fake it with attitude.

We typically all have morning routines. Part of mine is psyching myself up in the mirror before heading out the door. Each morning, I challenge myself to be a better worker, father, trainer and person.

We all know, this world is competitive, and if you don’t get out there to kick some butt, you’re going to lose the battle. Yep, you’ll get knocked down, bloodied and sucker-punched. But, today you’re going to jump back up with an attitude to win. Sometimes, you have to fake it until it sinks in and becomes part of your determined character.

So, I challenge you today. What are you truly made of? Whatcha got? Get mad and go out the door with attitude to win the day.

Just know, Dylan took first place and is undefeated for two years running. I’m proud of that boy.

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