Make one small adjustment

By David Tepera, April 25, 2018

Recently, I’ve taken up playing golf more consistently. In my youth, I was too hyper for the slow pace of the game. But, now that I’m older and with more patience, I’m actually enjoying golf, while constantly working to improve my strokes.

Even if you don’t play or understand golf, keep reading because I’ll get to my point.

For those you who do play, I had developed a terrible slice with my driver, plus a horrible hook with the irons. I kept trying to adjust my stance, swing and pin angle, but for some frustrating reason, it kept getting worse and out of control.

Finally, after a few holes, I recognized something else needed to change or I’m going to give up. “OK,” I thought to myself, “It has to be something that only needs a little tweaking for improvements.”

I decided to close the head on my woods to correct the slice, and to open the face of the irons to straighten the hook. BAM, all strokes were back on target, plus hitting the ball further than ever before. All it took was just one small adjustment.

How many of you are frustrated with diets? Maybe, all it needs is one small adjustment like taking out dairy, sugar or both. You’d be shocked how this one deletion can catapult significant fat loss.

Are you getting bored with the same old-cardio routine? How about increasing your pace and incline, swinging your arms, switch machines, or all the above? This will force your body to burn extra fat.

I know plenty of people who perform the same weightlifting machines each week, Yes, at first, your muscles were sore and felt stronger. But now, nothing is improving and you’re getting frustrated. It’s time to switch the order of machines, try different angles, increase weight, and so on.

Are you starting to understand that really all it takes is one small adjustment to make the biggest impact in your life?

This can be applied in every aspect of your daily routines. If you feel you can never get caught up at work, then go in 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes later. This extra 30 minutes ought to get the attention of your employers.

Now, sit down and think of all the frustrating components in your life. Start by making just one small adjustment, and soon you’ll find success. I promise, this will take a lot of unnecessary stress off you shoulders, and you’ll probably hit a hole-in-one.

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