The Mind is Stronger than the Body

By David Tepera, June 12, 2018

My training partner Tina, friends and I will be competing in physique competitions over the next several weeks. So, I’ve been helping others tweak their diets in order to dial in the best condition for show day.

It’s always interesting to me, that during the last few weeks of prep work, all these athletes start questioning if their bodies are ready for competition. But really, they are in top shape to conquer and win their perspective divisions.

Typically, all athletes want to get bigger, stronger and faster, right? Whenever you walk into the gym, do you vision yourself as the best athlete? I tell my clients to leave all negative thoughts outside. There’s only room for positive words and support in this house.

If you feel it, you’ll be it. So, quit body-shaming yourself and find that warrior deep in your soul.

What thoughts dominate your days? Where ever your mind spends most of its time, is who you are and where you’re going.

I actually know a few people dealing with different forms of health issues. Are you going to let it make you a victim, or are you going to decide to live and take on the challenge?

You can’t always control what happens to you, but you have complete control on how to respond. Force your mind to only see a healthy energetic body while looking in the mirror.

Touch your arms, legs and feel the beat of your heart. Embrace the heat and energy your body is producing. That my friend is life in motion.

Are you in a dead-end job? Do you regret going to work each morning? I don’t care how long you’re currently working, if you hate it, do something about it. Why not? It’s your life.

Take your passion and find a way to make income at it. I promise, if you do the right research, you’ll find and land that dream job. But, you have to already vision yourself working in that environment. Remember, your mind has to see it, then the body will follow.

Look, focus on what you want, not what already happened. Let it go and move forward. Be the person you always fantasize about. You should not only control your life but create it.

“If you think you can, or think you cannot, either way, your right.” — Henry Ford

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