Throw Excuses Out the Window

By David Tepera, August 22, 2018

So, you woke up this morning, put your clothes on, and they felt a little tighter than last time you wore them. Hmm, maybe they shrunk in the dryer.

Or, you walked up a flight of stairs and found yourself a little out of breath. Hmm, it must be because you’re getting older, your knees are wearing out, and it takes more effort.

Look, I believe you’re starting to get my point. The obesity rate average in America is now 37 percent, with a continual increase per year. Really, this means almost four out of 10 people are considered obese.

Recently, I was school shopping with my kids at Baybrook Mall. I sat them down, told them to observe all the families and count how many people we would consider obese.

As you guessed it, the numbers were astonishing to where we couldn’t keep up with it. It would had been easier counting the few people who were not overweight. Plus, it’s always sad to me to observe obese parents with obese children.

So, let’s be for real. What’s your excuse? Bottom line, it’s called discipline. Yep, you’ve lost control, thrown in the towel and took the path of laziness.

I know I’m being a bit harsh today, but, also, I’m not categorizing being overweight in the obese category. I let all my clients understand that being slightly overweight is quite normal and healthy.

You see, when most of my clients come to me, they’re in despair and desperately wanting to get their bodies healthy again. I get the full pleasure of training and slowly watching the transformation process as these people start regaining energy and find happiness. In case you didn’t know, exercise and weight training helps with depression.

What about other areas in your life? Do you enjoy your job? Do you stay in debt from overreaching your income? Which type of friends do you socialize with? Are you in a challenging relationship?

This life list could go on and on. My goal today is for you to take back control of your life, and throw excuses out the window. Believe me, years ago, I was an “excuse guy” for way too long. Once I recognized that nothing is going to change unless I change myself, then my life journey turned around.

Today is your day. Get up, get mad, and don’t let anyone stop you from being the amazing person you were destined to be.

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