If you’re losing, increase you’re intensity

By David Tepera, October 24, 2018

If you’ve played enough sports, you’ve heard coaches tell players, “we’ve got to take it to another level.” This usually happens when the opponent is winning, and someone needs to dig deep to put forth more effort.

Of course, in team sports, some players have more pride than others, who hate losing and will step up their game. While others accept defeat.

One particular season, when coaching La Marque’s varsity soccer team, we were getting hammered by eight goals at halftime. I told my players, the only thing the other team proved was that eight goals can be scored within a half. Our practices are brutal, our teamwork ethic is beyond any others, so it’s time to increase our intensity and dominate this game.

Now, I used more explanative words, but you get my point. Just know, we came back and won that game to send us into the playoffs.

Besides being a former high school coach, I also grew up a coach’s son, so the words “increasing your intensity” was common language to me. This really followed me into my adult life to never accept defeat, and fight my way back in the game of life.

Remember, there’s competition in everything you do. There might be a job promotion in sight, and the decision will be you or a co-worker. Who ever increases their work intensity will land the job.

How about business owners? There’s plenty of competition selling the same products, but what’s your niche? Is your customer service plan top notch? Do you excite your employees because they are your direct line to consumers?

Part of my business requires personal training for people wanting to build lean muscle. So, as Tina and I frequent many gyms, we take notice of other personal trainers and how they interact with clients.

There are plenty of qualified personal trainers competing for business, but it surprises us of how many trainers are passive and somewhat non-attentive.

Here’s my advice to trainers; get off your phone, continue to encourage, interact, and increase your personality intensity. People have invested hard-earned money in you, so don’t be boring and passive. People want a coach who will push them to success, not someone who likes to sit around and gossip.

So, remember, no matter what you’re involved in, if you recognize that you’re not getting to the next level, then today start increasing your intensity.

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