Use your strongest traits to make it in life

By David Tepera, September 2, 2020

At Ageless Muscle Fitness Center, many of our clients are business owners of a variety of sorts. Every one of these clients have different backgrounds, ethnicity, with some from other countries. One thing they do have in common, as of today, is their businesses are successful.

Now, since Tina and I own a family business, I picked our clients’ brains to have a better understanding of their journey to success.

Just like life, it’s a bumpy road out there, but refusing to lose and a hard work ethic will climb you to the top of the mountain.

My client from Vietnam came to America 28 years ago, didn’t know English or have an education, but was good at baking specialty deserts. She went to work at a bakery to learn how to start and run a business and, after 10 years, she opened her own shop, which has expanded to several bakeries.

Other clients are in fields such as medical, engineering, masonry, machine shops, construction and so forth. Every one of these people hit hard times from economy to wrong business decisions. But, they paid their debts and kept pursuing their dreams because this was the strong character they possessed. They had families to feed, so failure was never an end result.

Believe me, we dealt with many obstacles and setbacks at Ageless Muscle, but the desire to help others kept us on the path to success.

So, you’re probably wondering what does any of this have to do with fitness? As I started this article that all these successful business owners are from completely different backgrounds. They range from the age of 50s to 101, but they bring that same work ethic into our fitness center. They never miss a session, give their best, and have a wonderful zest for life.

There’s so much our youth could learn from our elderly. If you want it, learn it and earn it.

OK, where are you today and where do you want to be tomorrow? I told my adult children from youth that starting from the bottom position of any company will help develop hard working skills. It’s these early skills that you keep adding experience on top of, and through time, you’ll start your own business of success.

Now, let’s all of us find our strongest trait and we’ll make it in life. Don’t give up.

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