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There’s magic in volunteering and helping others

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Recently, I attended a comical magic show in which the magician pulled me on stage to perform some amazing magic tricks. He did his best to embarrass me, and it worked.

After the show, we had an opportunity for a brief discussion. The magician told me that he had went to school to be a psychologist, but chose magic as a profession because it made people laugh and feel good.

This made me think about my own life, and for others. Of course, we all can’t choose a profession that would make others happy because the world wouldn’t function, but what about our spare time?

How rewarding would it be if everyone volunteered or found ways to help others? It doesn’t matter how busy our lives are, we can still find ways of doing this. My mom volunteers at a local hospital and loves all the people she meets.

There are endless year-round youth sports in need of volunteers, coaches, referees and scoreboard help. 

My children and I collected used children’s books and school uniforms for Clear Creek ISD and Galveston ISD, volunteered at The Jesse Tree Foundation to help feed hundreds of families, walked the dogs at League City Animal Shelter, and played Superheroes at Space Center Houston teaching families and children about “Stranger Danger.”

When I was younger, I would mow an elderly neighbor’s yard and buy their prescriptions. 

Read your local newspapers and search the internet. There are numerous organizations looking for volunteers. Take you family, grandchildren, sports teams or anyone you know and lead them to help others. 

How about starting a volunteer program at your work and be the exceptional leader?

Of course, the biggest reward is how good you’ll feel knowing you made a difference in strangers’ lives.

There isn’t a magic show that can pull that out of a hat.