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Planning a Game Day Proposal

By David Tepera, November 8, 2017

For all you fellas who are planning a marriage proposal or had been through it, wouldn’t you agree it takes on the same mentality as competing in sports?

First of all, I’m sure most of you are stressing the outcome. Will you win or lose? Will you feel shame and embarrassment or be victorious?

You’ve put in a lot of thought, preparation and planning to develop an action plan. The day is set, and everything must go right in order to win the event. You’ve tucked the ball away, started running down the field, dodging every obstacle because no one can stop you from scoring a touchdown. This isn’t just her day, it’s your day.

Just like sports, you’ve practiced multiple times to get the words out without fumbling. It’s important to work your breathing technique to keep from passing out. If not, you might end up in concussion protocol, and put on the bench for a few weeks, but delay is not an option.

Admit it guys, finding the perfect ring is way too much stress. I bet whoever made up the rules that wedding rings are made with diamonds owned a jewelry store. My goodness, it requires selling blood and working overtime to pay for it. Then, because you’re shaking so bad for the big moment, you’re scared of fumbling the rock and looking like a rookie idiot.

Ladies, just know, most men’s DNA isn’t wired to truly know which style ring you most desire. At this point in the relationship, the only beauty we recognize is you walking through the door.

Remember, all past failed relationships were only practice to develop better skills, maturity and growth in order to win the ultimate life trophy. This championship ring will mean more than any Super Bowl because it comes with deep true love.

Understand guys, your woman will run off to her friends and family to celebrate your big moment. You’ll feel left behind and realize it’s no longer about you. But don’t fret it, the wedding day will eventually come, and you’ll have her all to yourself for eternity.

So, fellas, put your game plan together, practice like a champion, get ready to score a touchdown because it will be you celebrating in the end zone with a crazy unskilled dance. You got this!