Sometimes, all you need is one more step

By DAVID TEPERA | Posted: Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When my daughter brings her clothes to the laundry room, half the clothes make it into the basket. When she cleans her room, there’s typically some clutter in the corner. When Daylyn gets a glass out of the kitchen cabinet, she leaves the door open.

I’ve explained to Daylyn that if she would just take one more step, all tasks would be completed. I know these are small concerns, but it’s amazing how the extra step would make all the difference.

Now this could be applied to all aspects in our lives.

Think about when you’re at work: At the end of day, there might be one small task or project that needs finishing. If you would take one more step and complete it, then you’ve had a successful day. Plus, it creates more available time to finish more work the following day.

Why is this important? It will probably get the attention of your employers, which would lead to promotions and better income.

We all want to lose more weight and get in better shape. How about at the end of training you take one more step and perform an extra set of weights. Or, when going through a cardio workout, you push your body to an extra 10 to 30 minutes. This would at least burn up to several hundred more calories.

Just know, Daylyn did recognize the benefits of one more step and has applied it to her homework and studies.

Now, if we could all take on the “one more step” mentality, how much better and quality of life would we create?

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